A full range of buckshot in all sizes and quantities. The two types of wad available are perfectly suited to every charge and guarantee the best-possible shot-pattern and the hunter’s comfort.

A full range of buckshot in all sizes and quantities. The two types of wad available are perfectly suited to every charge and guarantee the best-possible shot-pattern and the hunter's comfort.

Blind Side combines ground-breaking stacked Hex Steel Shot technology and the new diamond cut wad in the most deadly Winchester® waterfowl load available. Loaded with 100% Hex Shot, you get more pellets on target, a larger kill zone and more trauma inducing pellets than ever before, meaning more fast kills.

Waterproof steel pellet shells The line of Drylok shells was specifically designed to resist oxidation and corrosion, which are two inevitable facts of hunting in humid areas. Developed in the United States, this steel shotshell is completely waterproof as the result of different innovations from Winchester®. For all steel proofed shotguns (1320 bar) The steel shot is first specially treated against corrosion: the star crimp is hot welded, its wad is also waterproof from its bipartite construction, and, lastly, the primer is varnished in order to prevent any humidity from entering.

For all steel proofed shotguns (at 1320 bar)
Here is the steel-pellet shell for high performing hunts that many waterfowl hunters look for.
With its specific wad, its 34g load and 395m/s speed, this is a shell that raises the performance of steel-shot ammunition even higher and which will surprise you by its long effective range.

The lead shot are completely encased in hardened resin.
When fired, the resin is smashed in to a fine, protective talc-like powder.
As there are no air pockets between the pellets, each one is protected as it accelerates down the barrel with no loss of shape through inertia.
And because each pellet is still perfectly round as it leaves the barrel, you can count on:
- A tight shot pattern even at long range
- Twice as many pellets on a 25cm target from 55 m
- 10% deeper penetration from 45 m than a conventional lead-shot cartridge.

Light and medium game The Super X® Slug is the fastest and flattest Winchester® slug for smooth shotguns. Due to its 28g weight and its hollow rear, this bullet combines speed and precision. Ideal for roe deer and boar hunting, the Super X® slug consists of a lightly hollowed point for maximum effect and impact surface. Usage: light and medium game at medium distance.

For over 100 years, Winchester® has been the benchmark in terms of performance and innovation for pistol ammunition.

For millions of marksman around the world, the name "Winchester®" has always been synonymous with quality and efficiency through its line of ammunition, which is the most complete, extensive and reliable on the market.

Whatever your discipline may be, you can always rely on every Winchester® shell for giving you the best performance possible !

The Super Speed® Generation 2 carries on the legend born some 50 years ago! Today, strengthened by its prestigious heritage of this pioneer cartridge, the new Super Speed® Generation 2 once again establishes new standards in hunting. The core of this new outstanding cartridge is its innovative G2 powder. This cartridge uses a perfect balance between its essential parameters of the load, speed, pressure and pattern, thus offering a guaranteed efficiency and regularity that are necessary for your special hunts. Connoisseurs will rediscover, with nostalgic pleasure, the distinctive signs of this legendary cartridge, like the flat box or the welded star crimping in its centre. Greater speed and controlled pressure The secret of this new G2 powder lies in its controlled vivacity, translated to a reduced pressure during its combustion. Our engineers had thus been able to increase the quantity of the powder in each shell and thereby increase its speed by almost 20m/s, all while keeping the pressure under the limit of 740 BAR. Regularity of patterns The new Super Speed® Generation 2 is loaded with the type-”Z” wad with 4 compression legs. This specifically designed plastic wad enables an excellent ratio in its regularity of the Super Speed® patterns, even with the significant improvement in speed, and even at great distances. Welded Crimping By welding the centre of the starred crimp, the shell is thus completely sealed and the pellets are enclosed within, perfectly protected while providing a greater regularity of pressure.


New for 2019, Winchester® launches its Xtended Range with Bismuth shot and Shot-Lok® technology shotshells. The density of Bismuth is moderate and traditionally outperforms steel shot. Shot-Lok® Technology, paired with Bismuth, protects the shot against setback forces so that they maintain perfect roundness and improved performance downrange.
This is the ideal cartridge for wetland hunters who only get one shot at their quarry.
The density of the Bismuth delivers near-lead penetration. The cartridge uses Shot-Lok® technology to protect the Bismuth shot against damage, improving pattern density and energy compared to lead loads.
The Xtended Range Bismuth cartridge places twice as many impacts within a 50 cm circle from 50 metres than an equivalent lead load.

WINCHESTER's FASTEST steel shotshell

The 33 g of steel shot in the new ZZ Canard shotshell flies at at 440 m/s, making it the fastest in the WINCHESTER range of steel shotshells. The high velocity is mitigated by the relatively low load weight to maintain a comfortable shooting experience. The steel pellets are coated in a fine layer of tin for effective corrosion resistance.


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